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016) Search Engine Marketing

The importance of professional web design in the online market place is more important today than ever before. The internet is full of your competitors, many of whom will have a professional website design already. Why? Well, because the older the internet gets, the longer we have all experienced it, the longer businesses have had to perfect their online presence and the more user savvy we expect website owners to be. As internet users we not only want something functional and attractive but we want it quickly! So in order to provide your potential clients with a quality experience on your website, and turn them into actual clients, you need to consider their basic needs i.e. you must make sure that your website is functional, efficient, user friendly, attractive, safe and most importantly quick! You also need to ensure that it works on multiple browsers, ipads, tablets, smart phones etc. It doesn’t stop there. Once you have achieved this you need to ensure that people can find it i.e. you need website optimisation. If you have all of this then you have a professional web design. Once the user arrives on your website it is essential that they stay there and engage with the website. Your web design plays a huge part in encouraging visitors to engage with your site. High quality, attractive and well coded sites are essential in today’s competitive search marketing world and with Google’s preview option, the initial user engagement becomes even more important.

We provide this level of website design and construction for all our clients. We provide high end but cost effective websites that are built with both SEO and wider search marketing and end user optimisation in mind. A site needs to work for the search engines but it also needs to work for the human end user or the conversion rates and overall engagement will be low. For most businesses a website is probably the most valuable sales tool it has, if this is not the case for your business then you might missing a trick. A website is often the first place that customers experience your business and it’s where most people will go to decide whether or not they want to work with you or your business.

To give some indication of what constitutes a strong website, it would incorporate the following as a minimum:

1 A strong, brand driven bespoke web design.

2 An open source content management system (CMS).

3 Industry standard back-end coding.

4 User and search engine friendly construction and search engine optimisation (SEO).