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002) Communication

You will have a direct relationship with someone working on your website, so they can answer questions and explain details without needing to consult anyone else. Each client will have a project manager responsible for overall evaluation of the workflow, ensuring that tasks are completed, deadlines are met, and determining how new requests can be incorporated.

Most of our communication with clients is written by e-mail. This enables things not to be forgotten and to be shared with other team members, and in particular is useful for reporting bugs or requests where we can refer to exact page URLs, messages, share screenshots etc. But we also recognise the value of a good phone call to discuss the big picture, or to give advice, and you are welcome to call us (Monday to Friday, 11am – 4pm).

Services Offered

We build things that are beautiful and functional. Our services include web design, web development, graphic design, photography, branding and music for websites.

What do we create?

We design the overall look and feel for a site or application, perhaps some icon work, then coding the front-end XHTML/CSS templates. Additionally, tasks like content management system setup, usability design, and information architecture are possible if the conditions allow it. We’ve got a good head for what works on the web and what doesn’t. We can assure you that our coding work is all W3C-friendly. Web Standards like XHTML and CSS ensure content will be available to the widest possible audience thanks to improved accessibility, support for mobile devices, and continued access in even the oldest browsers.